Passion into Purpose
Passion into Purpose 


Witnessing the World in Me / and Me in the World


As a co-founder and member of the Global Social Witnessing Competence Center at The Pocket Project, world witnessing or global social witnessing is a unique opportunity to heal and connect with like-minded human beings from around the globe. 


Global Social Witnessing (GSW) is an essential new social and healing technology, a we-space online practice, that I initiated and co-developed with colleagues from around the globe.  The term was first introduced by Thomas Hübl in 2017 as a conscious practice to relate to challenging news in the world. GSW comprises a set of inner and outer competencies that we can learn and practice together as a pathway to respond and a possibility to find some restoration to conflict, suffering, injustice.


synchronizing our inner and outer world space

GSW is about turning our attention towards rather than away from overwhelming current global events.  We facilitate a ritualized group process to receive and digest the news together, to share our perspectives and embodied resonances.  GSW generates healing impulses through attunement and builds group coherence around a given news focus.

It was born from the recognition that collective trauma is at the root of conflicts and destructive developments in the world.  Furthermore, it was born from the deep understanding that we can effectively relate to global trauma fields without being there in person, by bringing our awareness and lending our collective nervous system to healing and integration. 

Once we realize that collective trauma is ‘the water we are swimming in’, our compassion for ourselves and for each other increases.  GSW supports individuals to grow new ways to respond and act in the world.  It serves as subtle activism that goes hand in hand with social change agency, peace-building, and global citizenship.


transparent communication as a foundation of world witnessing

Transparent communication, taught by contemporary spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl, is a foundation of  Witnessing. It is a precise and radical way of relating to ourselves, each other, to the world. Transparent communication is an embodied and transpersonal art of communication with empathy and a whole body awareness – including our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. 


With colleagues from the Pocket Project, I offer webinars, trainings and practice groups on "The Principles and Practices of Global Social Witnessing".  Please contact me for further information and upcoming trainings.


It is the mission of the Pocket Project to contribute to the healing and deeper understanding of collective and intergenerational trauma, and to reduce its disruptive effects on our global culture.


In my work, I create space for the future that wants to unfold in us and through us.

In meiner Arbeit gebe ich der Zukunft, die in uns und durch uns entstehen möchte, Raum zur Entfaltung.