Global Social Witnessing


Global Social Witnessing (GSW) or World Witnessing is an essential new social technology, a we-space online ritual, where we relate to challenging news and events in the world consciously and holistically.  The term GSW was first introduced by Thomas Hübl in 2017 and in that year I initiated the first online GSW practice groups in German and English.  World Witnessing is a relational practice that trains and requires a set of subtle competencies. 


Synchronizing our inner and outer World Space

GSW or World Witnessing is about turning our attention towards rather than away from current global events.  We facilitate a ritualized group process where we receive and digest specific world news together. We share our perspectives and embodied resonances.  GSW generates healing impulses within the individual and into the collective body through attunement and coherence.

This practice was born from the recognition that collective trauma is at the root of conflicts and destructive developments in the world. 

GSW empowers individuals to respond and act in the world authentically by growing awareness, broadening perspective and developing a felt sense of the world within us.  It serves as a subtle activism that goes hand in hand with social change agency, peace-building, and global citizenship.

Please contact me for further information. offers extensive information on this practice, including upcoming webinars, trainings and practice spaces offered by colleagues of mine.


The art of Transparent communication is the foundational skill for this practice. Transparent communication has been developed by Thomas Hübl, a renowned teacher, facilitator, mystic and healer, and his students, over the last 15 years.  It offers a set of practices and techniques, that deepen embodiment, body awareness, transpersoanl perception and a higher awareness of the whole relational field.  It offers a precise and radical way of relating to ourselves, each other, and to the world.






In my work, I create spaces for the future which wants to unfold in us and through us.

In meiner Arbeit gebe ich der Zukunft, die in uns und durch uns entstehen möchte, Raum zur Entfaltung. (Christine Gerike)