A Warm Welcome.  Herzlich Willkommen.


"A true practitioner becomes more and more acquainted with the world that we see, but also with the world we don´t see. That is where love, true love expands the territory of humanity." (Thomas Hübl)


Be and Be-come more of who you are ...


The invitation I extend is to explore and expand your inner world space, your awareness of who you are, as a human being. Expansion of self-awareness creates a real future and new possibilities in your life.


Everything that shows up one-on-one or in a group is welcome and important as it reveals an aspect of who we are. We are all composed and conditioned by our life´s experiences in physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual levels of being. Our ancestry and history, our social and natural environment also shape and condition us.  The more we become conscious and know about ourselves, the more agency we acquire. 


Intuition is about the top-down movement of arriving more and more in your body, the grounding embodiment work. This includes shadow work and the release of frozen life energy, and also the witnessing of your ancestral lineage. Our physical body has the capacity to guide us with intuitive knowing. 

Inspiration, the opposite vertical movement is about reconnecting with your higher self, the bottom-up movement of tuning in with your inner wisdom, with your soul´s guidance and inspiration.

Relation, the third horizontal movement addresses restoring and healing your relationship with life, with family, friends, colleagues, the social and natural environment.


An important key to this work is to liberate and melt stuck emotions back into the river of life and to feel more joy and purpose.  It is the way of slowing down and presence.


I offer a healing ground and space for this “heart-work”!


Last Update:  September 2023


In my work, I create spaces for the future that wants to unfold in us and through us.

In meiner Arbeit gebe ich der Zukunft, die in uns und durch uns entstehen möchte, Raum zur Entfaltung. (Christine Gerike)