Designing and Co-Creating We-Practices

We live in a time where a future wants to manifest through us that potentially includes more of us - vertically and horizontally.  Both our higher guidance and the collective intelligence of group fields hold keys to address the challenges we are facing at the moment as mankind, as planetary being. This future will not be a re-arrangement of what we know now but an upgrade and a journey into the unknown.   We will have to listen carefully to our intuitive and higher wisdom, to the subtle voices, our senses, and emotions, and not to the noise of the world. 


Maps of our evolving and emerging consciousness, i.e. self-awareness, as humans such as Don Beck´s Spiral Dynamic integral, the Four Quadrants by Ken Wilber or Barbara Marx Hubbard´s Wheel of Co-creation, the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, and others provide orientation and guidance.


It is in this phase necessary and crucial to identify as learners and practicioners with a beginner´s mind to allow for the quality of a future in this sense to arise.  Future is not just more of the same tomorrow but a widening of awareness, within each of us and collectively. 


In recent years, I co-designed and co-created We-space practices that made themselves manifest through a small group of people who heard and listened to a Higher-We future impulse.  I initiated and co-founded Practice Communities, like the Social Architects Community of Practicing in 2014 in Germany,  and a Global Social Witnessing (Worldwitnessing) Practice Community in 2017. 


The relational art and practice of Transparent Communication (developed by Thomas Hübl)  allows us to open deeply and widely, to relate to what is, and be present with our inner experiences and to the world.  Transparent Communication has been developed and refined by Thomas Hübl, a renowned teacher, author, facilitator, and his students over the last 15+ years. It offers a set of practices and techniques that deepen embodiment, body awareness, transpersonal perception and a higher awareness of the whole relational field.


I bring my own work experience as manager, cultural specialist, coach, social architect, mother of two daughters, as well as my passion and witnessing presence to this work.  Also, i have been deepening my practice of Transparent Communication for the last ten years. Within the wheel of co-creation I strive to serve the fields of spirituality and relationship.




In my work, I create spaces for the future that wants to unfold in us and through us.

In meiner Arbeit gebe ich der Zukunft, die in uns und durch uns entstehen möchte, Raum zur Entfaltung. (Christine Gerike)