Reflect and Re-create your inner and outer Reality.


"Expansion comes without effort and emerges naturally, slowly, quietly. It brings calm rather than excitement. It brings simplicity rather than complexity, perspective rather than ambition. It all comes through slowing down. Expansion is always threefold – it is awareness, it is love, and it is creativity, and those three together create a perfect harmony."  (Richard Rudd)


Life invites us to slow down and pause - often through challenging inner or outer circumstances - to find and transform the pearl that is enfolded in our wounding into our gift, our contribution for the world.

Being with whatever arises, unconditionally, takes courage and rewards us with a growing sense of fullness and agency.  Resource yourself in your Being-ness, and get to know who you are to make the right choices in your life.


Self-reflection is about intentional slowing down and meeting the inquiry, the question you bring, with more detail and depth of who you are – with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.  This differentiated recognition brings a deeper understanding and more information to the surface and you begin to see “the problem” from different angles or perspectives and in a new light.  Every perspective contains a new choice. You begin to come home to yourself, using your full body-beingness as a resonant instrument.


Together we will pause, presence emotions and sensations, insights that may arise, meet further questions and we will “play, i.e. be creative” with what arises in the moment.  This can be a vital, joyful, and sometimes an uncomfortable process – when bringing frozen emotional energy back into relation within yourself.  Eventually the discomfort shifts and more life-force, creativity, and trust will be integrated and lead to breakthroughs and expansion.


You will begin to re-create your inner reality and awareness around your topic of exploration, and you will find answers to your life´s questions more authentically and from the present moment.  


In my work, I create spaces for the future that wants to unfold in us and through us.

In meiner Arbeit gebe ich der Zukunft, die in uns und durch uns entstehen möchte, Raum zur Entfaltung. (Christine Gerike)