Social Witnessing and Sensing

Synchronizing our inner and outer World Space


“Consider your life as a woven tapestry. Where is it incomplete? Which parts of the pattern have you been avoiding completing?”   (Richard Rudd, Dream Arc)


I am a facilitator of Social Witnessing processes, to bring light and awareness to life´s rich tapestry.


Social Witnessing is a social technology, a we-space practice – online or in person – where we consciously relate to aspects of the social field we live in.  Social witnessing is a relational practice that trains our awareness of self and inter-connectedness of all life. 


This ritual is a subtle form of social activism, where we bring our inner perception and experience into relation with the outside world.  Together we co-create an intentional space to relate to social and historical aspects of our society . This practice generates healing impulses within the individual and in the collective body through attunement and coherence.


The world manifests from the inside out, the outside mirrors our inside and vice versa. 

Each of our developmental stages of consciousness as humanity manifests differently in the world. By creating an awareness of the diversity of perspectives we as humans hold and create our world through, we can become powerful and conscious agents of change.  The larger witnessing space invites us to see the whole and its parts at the same time.


Relational awareness arises and the space between us informs us and let´s us expand our awareness of who we are.  Attuned relating is the method, the tool, given to us to ever more overcome the notion of separation.  

It is very likely that our resonance with aspects of the social field brings up discomfort and even pain. The world we live in is a hurt and fragmented world, and when we begin the process of revealing so far hidden or unconscious areas of inner and outer landscape, we are meeting shadows.  Shadow work needs our Yes to embrace discomfort.  All this contributes to the being and becoming more permeable – we synchronize our inner and outer world space, complete and heal yet another piece of the tapestry of life in our awareness.

This expansion of awareness makes us more conscious and responsible agents of change. 

In my work, I create spaces for the future that wants to unfold in us and through us.

In meiner Arbeit gebe ich der Zukunft, die in uns und durch uns entstehen möchte, Raum zur Entfaltung. (Christine Gerike)